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Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure -- Zine

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From the author: "I made this zine to create a fun, engaging way for people to think about consent. It gives the reader many options for how to initiate sex and react to different things their partner might do or say. If they disregard their partners feelings, they are met with a discussion on non-consensual sex or sexual pressure. If they make sure their partner is on board with everything they do, they are rewarded.

This zine also includes realistic options for lowering your risk of getting an STI."

It is 48 pages long (but a very quick read, as many pages are just yes or no questions) and includes a few illustrations. The cover has gold lettering. Measures 4.5" by 6.25" (11.5cm by 16cm).

Content note: This zine includes brief references to sexual assault and rape.

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