This Quarter's Topics – Feminist Apparel
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This Quarter's Topics

This quarter, we're here to talk about 3 topics that have been present both in the headlines and very much here at our company. Those topics are CONSENT, MASCULINITY, and INCLUSIVITY.

Now that we're a year into the #MeToo movement, it's time we have an in-depth conversation as to what consent is and what consent isn't. The collection we've curated for this conversation is sure to help you as you take on these brave conversations with your significant others.

The term 'toxic masculinity' has become quite the buzzword within feminist circles over the course of the past few years. We feel it's time to discuss what that term really means. And no... it doesn't mean that masculinity in and of itself is toxic. However, masculinity when not counterbalanced by femininity can be not just toxic, but deadly.

The last topic we're discussing this quarter is that of 'inclusivity'. Is feminism for everyone? If it is, then can we still 'cancel' those amongst us that have histories of problematic actions or behaviors? If this movement isn't for everyone, then who is it for? Who is allowed to stake their claim to that title? What's the exam we must pass in order to be able to comfortably call ourselves a feminist? Let's discuss.