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At Feminist Apparel, we are committed to empowering our communities through encouraging dialogue and increasing visibility of the diverse topics surrounding feminist ideals. That's why we are home to over 50 independent artists from around the world! We are honored to support their creative expressions by bringing their talents and unique perspectives to you. Click on their names to learn about each of our Feminist Creatives and to see their full collections!
With each purchase you are directly supporting our Feminist Creatives' artistic practice!
Each of our artists retains full ownership over their work and is compensated 20% of the profits from each sale of any product with their respective design(s) on it. 

Adrian Sandersfeld

Alex Abruzzi

Alice Skinner


Alyssa Wigant


 Ambivalently Yours


 Anne Katrine R. Hansen

Ariana Mancino

Bridgette Kluger

Candy Punk

Catie Clapper

Christina Guo 

Claire Quigley

Clarissa Martinez


Cole Cameron

Courtney Willett

Crismas Designs

Daisy Steele

Dani Kelley

Daniel Arzola 

Dori Markovitz

Emily Collins 

Evelyne Van Den Broek


France Corbel 

 Gina Grittner

 Hannah Nishat-Botero

Joanna Thangiah

Jonathan Savage

Kacey Shoemake

Kaol Porfirio

Kasi Turpin

Katy Streeter

Kayla Koterwski

Kimothy Joy

Kjersti Faret

Kylee Jo

Lacy Chenault

Liana Spiro


Margaux Pepper

Marla Moore

Megan Earle

Melissa Cruzen-Sakuma

Pansy Path


Rei Bioco

Robert Hern

Roseanne Hanson

Sarah Hamilton

Séamus Gallagher

Silvia Carrus

Sophie Hayes

Tyler Feder

Zara Yow