Please read our Covid-19 update. Thank you for your support! Covid-19 update: our average turnaround times are now 4-10 business days. Please click here to read our Covid-19 page. Thank you!

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Our Covid-19 Update

Currently, we are in the midst of a global tragedy. Here at Feminist Apparel, safety of everyone, including our local community, is our #1 priority.

Currently the clothing & online ecommerce are being greatly impacted for many reasons, and so are we, sometimes directly & sometimes indirectly:

  • Necessary & crucial social distancing means clothing is being produced at a much slower rate.
  • Many are opting to shelter safely at home which we support. This does however reduce staff. 
  • Heavy delays from base apparel creators, including our go-to supplier, bella+canvas.
  • Heavy shipping delays in receiving this apparel, due to increased online sales, resulting in slower shipping. 

Because of this, our usual 2-7 business day production times have been impacted. We will be updating this page as we progress through this difficult time. Thank you very much for your understanding & support! 

July 31st update: We're very happy to announce that our average turnaround times are now 4-10 business days for 90%+ of our orders!

However, please allow an additional 1-4 business days when ordering, in case we hit any supply chain issues. 

We also have all of our original items back in stock, and are looking to expand our range again. We've had a huge demand for face coverings, and are looking into options. If you have any requests, we would love to know.

We have seen that postal services continue to be strained at this time, so please also allow for delivery delays once your order has shipped.

Please note:  During this time, we are offering a full no-questions asked refund & cancellation policy. Please email us if you would at any point like this. Michelle will be happy to cancel your order & issue a full refund:

We understand that getting to this point has been a bumpy road and we want to thank our customers during the earlier stages for their support & understanding.

Our customers have been incredibly understanding and we feel very blessed with their support. Thank you!

Safety of our communities needs to be our #1 priority at this time. Please stay safe. It is our hope that we will achieve this goal together through unity & a joint effort to save lives.

With love,

- The FA Team

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