Click here for our Covid-19 update. Our Covid-19 update: what we are doing to ensure Feminist Apparel remains a safe & healthy place for our team.

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Our Covid-19 Update

Currently, we are in the midst of a global tragedy. Here at Feminist Apparel, our #1 concern is the safety & well-being of our staff, customers & community.

Currently, our main production space in NC is under a Shelter In Place order. While apparel can still be created, there are some measures that everyone needs to take to remain healthy & safe, which means that our usual 2-7 business day turnaround time for orders has been temporarily changed to 3-12 days as we have implemented crucial safety measures:

  • Everyone who can work from home, has been transitioned to working at home. 
  • Everyone in the production space is adhering to a 6 foot distance policy.
  • Shifts are being staggered.
  • Everyone who is sick, in a vulnerable group or does not want to work is being supported in that decision, and so there are reduced staff working at this time.
  • PPE equipment is being distributed, including safety masks & gloves.
  • All work spaces are being regularly sanitized.

We will still continue to do our best to produce as much apparel as we can within the usually 2-7 day time period & most of our orders have been created & processed in this time, but we unfortunately can no longer guarantee it.

We also have partners in ethical factories in other locations that we are currently liaising with to help us continue to create & produce apparel for our customers.

While we will continue to strive to provide the best customer support as possible, we also understand that it is an unprecedented time. Safety & staying healthy must be our #1 priority. We thank you very much to all of our customers that have understood that this is a very unique and challenging time, and that as a result, we do need to take extraordinary measures, which will mean delays. Thank you for your patience. 

We are also aware though that there is an increased chance of delivery delays from the postal service, especially within Europe, which unfortunately we do not have control over. We are happy to say though that none of our customers have yet experienced any shipping delays. We do however want to warn customers that due to increased border restrictions, there is a possibility that shipping may be delayed.

Safety of our communities needs to be our #1 priority at this time. Please stay safe. It is our hope that we will achieve this goal together through unity & a joint effort to save lives.

With love,

- The FA Team

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