Please read our Covid-19 update. Thank you for your support! Please read our Covid-19 update. Keeping our community safe is our #1 priority during this unprecendented time. Thank you for your support!

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Our Covid-19 Update

Currently, we are in the midst of a global tragedy. Here at Feminist Apparel, safety of everyone, including our local community, is our #1 priority.

Currently the clothing & online ecommerce are being greatly impacted for many reasons, and so are we, sometimes directly & sometimes indirectly:

  • Necessary & crucial social distancing means clothing is being produced at a much slower rate.
  • Many are opting to shelter safely at home which we support. This does however reduce staff. 
  • Heavy delays from base apparel creators, including our go-to supplier, bella+canvas.
  • Heavy shipping delays in receiving this apparel, due to increased online sales, resulting in slower shipping. 

Because of this, our usual 2-7 business day production times have been impacted. We will be updating this page as we progress through this difficult time. Thank you very much for your understanding & support! 

May 31st update: We are pleased to announce that our fulfillment times are now more than halved, to be 4-12 business days, with an average of 7-10 business days! To achieve this though, we have had to make a few changes.

  • We're having apparel shipped out on the day it is made. This means some orders may arrive in separate packages. We estimate this to impact less than 10% of customers orders. As usual, non-apparel item will be shipped separately as it has different shipping requirements.
  • We have temporarily updated our women's crew neck t-shirt which has new measurements. It is still a retail fit, but we recommend previous customers please read our sizing chart here before purchasing new women's t-shirts just to check.
  • We have temporarily updated our women's racerback tanktops which has new measurements. This is a popular yet tighter fit, so we ask all customers please read our sizing chart before purchasing. If you'd like a standard cut tank top that is a classic retail fit, all of our designs are available in our unisex tank tops too.
  • We have temporarily removed crop tops due to unreliable supply chain issues.
  • We have temporarily removed women's v-neck t-shirts due to unreliable supply chain issues.
  • We have temporarily removed women's standard cut tank tops due to unreliable supply chain issues.
  • We have temporarily removed hats due to unreliable supply chain issues.

We sincerely regret these changes & hope to return to our standard product line & usual production times as soon as possible. 

Please note: our previous production times still remain for orders prior to May 31st.

During this time, we are offering a full no-questions asked refund & cancellation policy. Please email us if you would at any point like this. Our General Manager, Michelle, will be happy to cancel your order & issue a full refund:

We've made a lot of strides in the past month & will continue to work with more partners & look for more solutions! 

We also want to stress that we cannot guarantee any delivery times right now. Unfortunately, postal services are being stretched, especially within Europe & Canada with increased border restrictions. Once we have shipped our orders, we do not have control over the postal service, so we cannot guarantee delivery times right now unfortunately. 

Our customers have been incredibly understanding and we feel very blessed with their support. Thank you!

Safety of our communities needs to be our #1 priority at this time. Please stay safe. It is our hope that we will achieve this goal together through unity & a joint effort to save lives.

With love,

- The FA Team

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