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Become a #FeministCreative

We're always looking for feminist artists to feature on our site. With Feminist Apparel, you will always be credited and paid for your work, and on top of that, you'll be contributing to a thriving community of artists responsible for starting important conversations surrounding feminist issues and feminism as a whole.

Interested? Read the FAQs/Guidelines below and send properly formatted designs to!



Why should I submit my designs to Feminist Apparel?

We have 80,000+ total monthly visitors to our website.

We have 40,000+ subscribers to our bi-weekly email newsletter.

We have an awesome social media network of 225,000+ people.

Access to our network of collaborators, publication contacts, and bloggers.

We allow designers to link to their artist pages, websites, or social media pages (shop page links are prohibited).


What are the guidelines for design submissions?

No copyrighted images/all images must be original.

If quotes are used, they must be cited, ideally on the t-shirt itself.

No celebrity images.

No explicit partisan/campaign backing should be used in any messaging/designs.

No use of “hashtags”, unless partnering with the “hashtag” creator.

Expletives should be used positively--to point out an issue, raise awareness, but never to put someone down.

No discriminatory language against any group of people.


How should my artwork be formatted?

The artwork must include the following criteria: 
1. PSD, PDF, TIFF, PNG or Ai format
2. Minimum 300dpi
3. Area of print is 14" wide x 16" tall
4. The background must be transparent


In the submission via email, what should I include?

Attached files of designs, name of the designs, your full name (please note if you wish to remain anonymous) with one relevant link (your artist page, twitter page, etc.), and your email address associated with your PayPal account.


Do I retain ownership over my design?

Yes. You retain all rights over your design.


Where should I submit my designs for review?

You must send all designs to


If I’m rejected, will you notify me?

We will do our best to let every artist know of the status of each of their designs but if you don’t hear from us after 2-3 weeks, please assume your design has been rejected. We apologize for the inconvenience but because of the volume of designs we receive, we may not be able to respond to everyone.


For what reasons would my design be rejected?

Stylistic and/or messaging differences with Feminist Apparel

Design was not within our general product design guidelines

Overflow of similar design concepts


Can I re-submit the same design if it has been rejected?

No. Please do not re-send rejected designs.


Will my design credit me?     

Absolutely. Along with the design, we will acknowledge you, the designer, unless you wish to remain anonymous.


Can you link back to my website, too?

Yes. With each design, we will also post one relevant link (portfolio, social media, etc.) Please note that we will not link to any personal shop pages.


What compensation do you provide for artist submissions that are chosen?

We pay 20% of the profit margin per shirt that is sold for each artist. Our standard profit margin is $12.00, therefore, you'll receive $2.40 per sale.


Do you charge artists for each submission?

No. You will never be charged for anything.


How many designs can I submit each month?

As many as you’d like.


Do you charge artists for any production costs or shipping/handling of the shirts?

No. We provide these services free of charge to the artist.


If my design is selected, how long will you leave it up?

As long as you’d like. However, Feminist Apparel reserves the right to take it down at any time in accordance with our Services Agreement. You can also request for your design to be taken down at any point as well.


How do you pay artists?

Via PayPal on a monthly basis or via direct deposit if you provide us with your bank account information.
Have any more questions? Send them to!