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Become a #FeministAmbassador

feminist ambassador program

Hi all, so we've been trying to figure out how to start a Brand Ambassador program for a little while now. We've wanted to keep it on message and not just have it be a way of pushing product. Here's what we've come up with... We'll be providing our ambassadors with a personalized promo code that we will track. For each sale that your promo code accounts for, you'll receive $3 for a semester-end activist project. That means if you're interested in becoming a #feministambassador, email us at not only with a bit of information about yourself, but also take the time to think about an activist project you'd like to get off the ground that you just need the capital to be able to. The more detail on what this project entails and how much you think you'll need in order to pull it off, the better. Not only will we help you get the project off the ground monetarily, but our team is here to help talk you through it, plan/organize, and provide you with any other resources we can. This upcoming semester will be our first time doing this, so we're going to be pretty selective and keep the number of ambassadors we choose relatively small. So if you're interested, take your time and think of a cool project that will raise awareness of a particular feminist issue or of feminism as a whole throughout your community, THEN email us. Let's get some shit done. #feministapparel #activism #feminism #callingallfeminists