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Spilling The Tee: Beginning Year 5 By Making Space

Posted on January 13 2018 || By the Feminist Apparel team


('Spilling the Tee' is a new series of letters from us, the folks behind Feminist Apparel, straight to you, our community of supporters! Occaisionally, we'll use this space to share our updates and thoughts with you.)

Is it really 2018 already!? 🙈 This month has been nonstop here at FA HQ, a lot like how the past few months have been too, and that’s why we’re taking a pause to chat with you today. As you may know, we love to advocate for folks creating the time and personal space to check in with themselves for self-care and self-preservation and, well, it’s time for us to take our own advice.

It’s still hard sometimes to believe that this is the start of Year 5 of our (once) tiny operation. It feels as though we’ve gotten our Bachelor’s degree and now we're preparing to start working on our Master’s.

If nothing else, the past four years have shown us that what we are doing here at FA is both meaningful and worth continuing for many more years to come. We are a team full of dreamers that have high hopes for what we can achieve for, and with, you. But in order to bring you as much value as we possibly can, we’ve decided that now is the best time for us to take a step back from continuously running full steam ahead in order to create the space for ourselves to reflect, adjust, gameplan, and ensure that we’re moving forward in a way that’s both efficient and best aligned with our core purpose and values.

We’re about to dive head first into a week of making space for ourselves - figuratively and literally. We have a company retreat, an internal audit of our processes, and a physical move into a new office space planned all to happen within a short period of time. This means that our production process will be on hold for a few days until we get set up in our new digs. Suffice it to say, if you order from us anytime during this period, your orders will take longer than usual to get to you and there most likely will be a delay in our response time as well. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause.

With that said, we fully expect for this space-making self-care process we're about to embark on to have long lasting effects that will enable us to grow into an even stronger and more capable company - and one that you’ll be even more proud to support and tell your friends and family about for years to come. As always, thank you for taking this journey with us! Wish us luck on our move and we’ll talk to you soon. We can’t wait to share everything that comes out of this transition and this process with you.


In solidarity,

The Feminist Apparel Team