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FC SPOTLIGHT: Lilies & Roses a.k.a. Ruth

Posted on May 18 2017

Name: Ruth

Preferred Pronouns: She, Her

Location: London, UK

Age: 21

Preferred Art Medium: I live for finding new fancy pens

Three Words that Describe Your Current Artistic Style:  Hard-core, cute, botanical

You Are Bee-Utiful Art by Lilies and Roses

One of Ruth's favorite recent illustrations. You are "Bee"-utiful!


What is your favorite Feminist Apparel item currently for sale?  Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word

What do you do for work? 

Full time, Occupational Therapy student (Soon to be graduating, Wahoo!)

And perhaps more importantly... what do you like to do for fun?

I like sewing, reading, drawing and traveling... when I'm feeling productive. Most of the time I just binge watch shows on Netflix and eat.

Photo of Ruth Roberts Traveling

"Climbing/hiking things makes me happy. Feminist climbing should be a thing." - Ruth*


What's your educational background? Are you a self-taught artist or did you go to school for art?

Just me, some pens and free computer software!

Pick one of your favorite designs that you are currently selling in Feminist Apparel's store and let us know about the creative process behind it!

Pandas Against the Patriarchy: My inspiration (unsurprisingly) comes from my love of pandas and my dislike of the Patriarchy. So this design started off as a doodle, I then scanned it in to my computer, edited it and coloured it in. I like how  it is quite a cute design, which means it has been my most popular design in kids clothes. There is something that feels particularly cool about empowering five year olds.


Panda's Against the Patriarchy Women's T-Shirt by Lilies and Roses on Feminist Apparel  Pandas Against the Patriarchy by Lilies and Roses on Feminist Apparel  Pandas Against the Patriarchy Unisex Tank Top by Lilies and Roses on Feminist Apparel

Do you identify as a Feminist? Why or Why not?

Yes! Because although so much progress has been made, there is still so much sexism. The patriarchy is hidden everywhere! Whether that is through lack of opportunities, lack of birth control, rape culture or homophobia. The world has made great strides towards equality, but unless we continue to fight for equal rights and opportunities for women, P.O.C, LGBT+ and people with disabilities, we risk becoming complacent and also losing the progress that has already been made.

You have the ability and power to create anything you please, why do you design art that has a Feminist message?

Nothing beats the feeling, when you see someone wearing your design on a women's march and knowing that you have made a small contribution to a message of hope, in a world that is still full of so much sexist bullsh*t.

What are you reading and/or listening to right now? Any recommendations?

The girl with a lower back tattoo- Amy Schumer.

If you could meet anyone associated with Feminism - past or present - who would it be and why?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She is an incredibly inspirational and intelligent woman who I feel I could learn a lot from.

What cause/issue has your attention right now? Why is it important to you? And can you please share one action that people may be able to do to help?

The fact that so many women do not have access to sanitary products. Donate some products to your local homeless shelter/foodbank. Support charities that provide sanitary products to women in poverty.

Portrait Photo Courtesy of Ruth

"This is me! Most easily identified by my rectangular jaw and ginger hair." - Ruth

Are you working on any creative and/or activist related projects now? If so, tell us about it!

Not currently, but I have plans/dreams to start a feminist craft group.

We'd love to learn more about you and continue supporting your work, how should we go about it? 

I keep meaning to make a website, so watch this space! I'd be over the moon to do custom work for people, so feel free to send me a message.

Finally, before you go, what is one tip you have for young Feminists who are looking to get involved and make an impact in a meaningful way?

Reach out to your local community! Start a group, talk to people and engage!




Connect with Ruth on Instagram @tigerlilliesandroses or get in touch with her at ruthluciaroberts [at]

* In reference to the autumnal header photo:  "This is when I sewed my own dress and was very pleased with myself. Feminist sewing should also be a thing." - Ruth

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