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Fast + Furiosa: the Blog of Feminist Apparel
  • Care + Love: A FA Mixtape

    Posted on February 14 2018

    Since our sale will be trucking all week long, we wanted to give you something free that you can enjoy on this day when we’re typically buried with imagery and...

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  • Meet Some Badass Artists

    Posted on January 29 2018

    We asked some of our Feminist Creatives who submitted in the past few months (view New In Shop here) to share their answers to a couple of questions about their...

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  • Spilling The Tee: Beginning Year 5 By Making Space

    Posted on January 13 2018

    ('Spilling the Tee' is a new series of letters from us, the folks behind Feminist Apparel, straight to you, our community of supporters! Occaisionally, we'll use this space to share...

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  • Let's Fight for the Internet... Again.

    Posted on December 13 2017

    IT'S CRUNCH TIME Y'ALL UPDATE: [December 14, 2017] The FCC has officially voted to dismantle net neutrality, keep hopes high and continue to use the resources listed below to let...

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  • Spilling the Tee: #GivingTuesday

    Posted on December 05 2017

    'Spilling the Tee' is a new series of letters from us, the folks behind Feminist Apparel, straight to you, our community of supporters! Occaisionally, we'll use this space to share...

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  • FC Spotlight: Claire Quigley

    Posted on December 01 2017

    Name: Claire Quigley   Pronouns: She/Her   Location: The Bay Area, CA   Age: 26   Preferred art medium: Marker, Digital Three words that describe your current artistic style: Animals,...

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  • StrongHearts Native Helpline & Black Friday Feels

    Posted on November 24 2017

    As the year begins winding down, the holidays are fast approaching and with them comes an overwhelming amount of history and emotions, both community wide and personally. We here at...

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  • #MeToo and Beyond

    Posted on October 28 2017

    Content Warning: Sexual Abuse It is almost impossible to be on the internet right now and miss the conversation going on about sexual harassment and assault with the viral hashtag...

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  • Girl Power in Stranger Things

    Posted on October 26 2017

      IT'S BACK 00 DAYS : 00 HOURS : 00 MIN : 00 SEC Tomorrow is the highly anticipated release of Stranger Things Season Two - and many of us...

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  • 5 Feminist Halloween Costume Ideas

    Posted on October 25 2017

    On a night when you are encouraged to explore and can be anything you want, why not be a feminist? Halloween is fast approaching and as many of us know,...

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  • What To Say (or Not) to Someone Who Has Had a Miscarriage

    Posted on October 18 2017

    An illustrated guide to navigating the difficult conversations following a miscarriage with sympathy and support. October is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Month. For all of you out there who...

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  • FC SPOTLIGHT: Chella Man

    Posted on October 12 2017

    This is part of the documentation photo for my transition on testosterone. Taken by MaryV Benoit on 35mm. Name: Chella Man   Pronouns: They/them   Location: Brooklyn, New York  ...

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  • FC SPOTLIGHT: Kylee Jo

    Posted on October 12 2017

    Kylee is a self-taught freelance artist living in Central Minnesota. Being a feminist and an avid member of the LGBT community allowed them to draw inspiration for their art as...

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  • INSPIRING MOVEMENTS: 4th of July Reflections

    Posted on August 08 2017

    INSPIRING MOVEMENTS: 4th of July Reflections On the 4th of July, we used our e-mail newsletter to highlight three recent actions that inspired us this year. These events we've round...

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  • Cats, Cats, Cats! 🐱

    Posted on August 08 2017

    Written By Asia In 2017, cats and their imagery are more popular than ever. Many, many people have cats who they love (or love to hate), and domesticated cats have...

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  • FC SPOTLIGHT: Kacey Shoemake

    Posted on June 06 2017

    Name:  Kc Shoemake Pronouns:  Sire, Your Highness (Jk, She/her is fine!) Location:  St. Louis, MO Age:  26 Preferred Art Medium(s):  Digital, Pen & Ink, Alt-Right Tears Three Words that Describe...

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  • FC SPOTLIGHT: Lilies & Roses a.k.a. Ruth

    Posted on May 18 2017

    Name: Ruth Preferred Pronouns: She, Her Location: London, UK Age: 21 Preferred Art Medium: I live for finding new fancy pens Three Words that Describe Your Current Artistic Style:  Hard-core, cute, botanical One of...

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  • FC SPOTLIGHT: Kasi Turpin

    Posted on May 08 2017

    Kasi Turpin is a graphic designer who specializes in typography and is based in Chicago, IL. Kasi started working with Feminist Apparel in 2016 and has quickly become a FA...

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  • FC SPOTLIGHT: Adrian Sandersfeld

    Posted on April 02 2017

    Name:  Adrian James Pronouns:  he/him or they/them (my pronouns are not preferred, they are mandatory! please don't ever call pronouns 'preferred') Location:  Iowa Age:  19 Preferred Art Medium: As a digital artist,...

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