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  • Getting to know... Kacey Shoemake

    Posted on June 06 2017

        Name:  Kc Shoemake Pronouns:  Sire, Your Highness (Jk, She/her is fine!) Location:  St. Louis, MO Age:  26 Preferred Art Medium(s):  Digital, Pen & Ink, Alt-Right Tears Three Words...

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  • Getting to know... Adrian Sandersfeld

    Posted on May 24 2017

      Name:  Adrian James Pronouns:  he/him or they/them (my pronouns are not preferred, they are mandatory! please don't ever call pronouns 'preferred') Location:  Iowa Age:  19 Preferred Art Medium: As a digital...

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  • Getting to know... Lilies & Roses a.k.a. Ruth

    Posted on May 18 2017

    Name: Ruth Preferred Pronouns: She, Her Location: London, UK Age: 21 Preferred Art Medium: I live for finding new fancy pens Three Words that Describe Your Current Artistic Style:  Hard-core, cute, botanical One of...

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  • Getting to know... Kasi Turpin

    Posted on May 08 2017

    Kasi Turpin is a graphic designer who specializes in typography and is based in Chicago, IL. Kasi started working with Feminist Apparel in 2016 and has quickly become a FA...

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  • Getting to know... Kylee Jo

    Posted on February 27 2017

    Kylee is a self-taught freelance artist living in Central Minnesota. Being a feminist and an avid member of the LGBT community allowed them to draw inspiration for their art as...

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